In addition to book sales, there are a number of ways you can help us raise funds for the Friends and for the Sacramento Public Library.

Raley's extra credit
Help the Friends support children’s programming and books when you do your grocery shopping
If you shop at BelAir, Raleys or Nob Hill Grocery stores, a percentage of your purchases will benefit the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. If you already have a “Something Extra” card, simply go to this link and type in “Friends of the Sac”, and our organization will be displayed, or type in “95814” and select the Friends.

If you do not already have a “Something Extra” card, you can sign up for one in any Raley’s or BelAir store, or online at

Friends Of The Sacramento Public Library

Help Our library win when you purchase ebooks and audio books
If you access your account at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and/or Powell’s Books through this link a portion of each sale of ebooks and digital audio content or other items is credited back to the library. Please bookmark this link so you will have it handy for future purchases.

Are you a Savemart shopper?
Using the Savemart Shares card will earn the Friends a percentage of your purchases each time you scan it at checkout. Contact us at to request your card.

ewaste4good (2)

Help by Donating your e-Waste
You can get free e-Waste pickup by going to or calling eWaste4good at 800-317-3112. Choose “Friends of Sac Public Library” as your organization. Fill in your information and within a few days a dispatcher will call you to schedule an at home or office pickup date. A donation will be made to the Friends for every eWaste donation.